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Review: Kadhal 2014

Saturday, 30 August 2014
M Bharath Kumar

Kadhal 2014, directed by Sugandhan, features Neha and Harish in the lead roles. Boys-fame Manikandan returns to play a negative role in the film. The movie has the increasing number of crimes against women in society as the backdrop.

Sugandhan has managed to come up with a movie with a strong message. It revolves around a real life incident. Harish and Neha take an adventure trip into a dense forest and are followed by a notorious gang.

They tie Harish to a tree and rape Neha. The film is about how she comes out of her circumstances bravely, fighting for justice, even as it incorporates a message for today's youth.

Harish and Neha have done their best. Neha has a meaty role to do and emerges with flying colours. Watch out for Manikandan. He returns after a long gap and puts up a good show.

Sugandhan deserves a pat for handling a serious issue well. A strong message but the director has gone wrong with the execution.

Cinematography is by Ritesh Kanna, music by Faizal and Kadhal 2014 is produced by B Sudhakar.



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