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'Godzilla 2' gets June 2018 release date

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Los Angeles : Warner Bros and Legendary have scheduled the next installment in their 'Godzilla' franchise for a June 8, 2018, release.

Gareth Edwards, who is also developing one of the 'Star Wars' standalone movies, returns as director of the monster movie sequel, reported Variety.

At Comic-Con in July, Legendary disclosed that 'Godzilla' will be joined by a number of other iconic beasts from the long-running franchise — Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah — in the next movie.

'Godzilla' has already grossed USD 508 million worldwide, making a follow-up something of an inevitability. Legendary financed 75 per cent of 'Godzilla's' USD 160 million budget, with Warner providing the rest and the companies splitting marketing costs.

Legendary recently announced a 'King Kong' prequel, 'Skull Island', which will release on November 2016.


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