If Sasi isn’t shifted to TN prison, prison will be shifted to TN

By : Balakumar K, E-Mail : balakumarkb@gmail.com
Wednesday, 22nd February 2017

She has a serious allergic condition to jails in Karnataka:

Doctor Chennai, Feb 22: Some moves are already afoot to shift AIADMK general secretary V K Sasikala from the Karnataka prison because — pay close attention here — the prison is in Karnataka and not in Tamil Nadu.

But if the judiciary turns out to be unreasonable and orders her to be kept there itself, the AIADMK and the Tamil Nadu government has a simple and practical backup plan: Shift the TN govt to Parappana Agrahara prison.

“If Mohammad doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain won’t feature in any of his selfies. This being the case, we will wait to know what the court says on transferring Sasikala, our dear and honest leader, to a prison in Tamil Nadu, and if our plea is dismissed we will do what we have to do,” a top source in the AIADMK on conditions of extreme anonymity (it was pitch dark at that time) whispered.

“We will take the entire government and its machinery to the prison in Karnataka,” the AIADMK leader said.

There are enough elements in the government that would have no difficulty in finding a place in prisons. “So shifting the government to Parappana Agrahara will not be tough at all,” a legal source here pointed out. “There are precedents, too. Fort St George, the current headquarters of TN government, at one point of history had housed prisoners. So moving the government to a prison, especially for administrative efficiency as in this case, must be accepted,” the source added.

Look at the positives, the government can take advice from Sasikala and Sasikala can advice the government seamlessly when all of them happen to be in the same premises. And if T T V Dinakaran can also join them there, there won’t be any confusion, the source added. T T V Dinakaran can advice Sasikala on what to advice the TN government and its Ministers.

But what about the Ministers and MLAs? Can they work out of a prison? Well, they have had good experience in having been cooped up inside the Golden Bay Resorts for nearly 10 days. It will stand them in good stead. For them Parappana Agrahara will be spacious as airfield, AIADMK sources added.

Can a State government function from a prison, and that too one in another State? “The constitution is totally silent on this important issue,” said the legal source. “But silence, we all know, means agreement or acceptance. So, essentially Constitution doesn’t disallow this.”

Sasikala is seeking to be moved out of Parappana Agrahara prison on security and medical grounds. What exactly is the security reason? “For security reasons, we can’t reveal it,” said a member of Sasikala’s legal team. And what is the medical rationale? “She is extremely allergic to prisons in Karnataka. We have submitted doctor certificates for the same.” (Medical term: Jailus Karnaticate)

Meanwhile, it is said there is also good ground for Sasikala to take over the Parappana Agrahara prison itself.

It is settled law that when Sasikala stays in a place for a few years, the place becomes hers. Exhibit A: Veda Nilayam, the Poes Garden residence of J Jayalalithaa. Sasikala seems to be the owner now, even though nobody knows how, when and why the change of ownership (?) happened.

“Judiciary, which goes by precedents, has to accept this. If she spends a year or two at Parappana Agrahara prison, it is reasonable to say it belongs to her. Even if she cannot be shifted out of the Parappana Agrahara prison, she will have every legal right to shift Parappana Agrahara prison to Madras or Mannargudi as she deems it fit,” a top TN judicial officer said.

Elsewhere, former Ministers of Tamilnadu, Valarmathi and Gokula Indra who were not allowed to meet Sasikala at Parappana Agrahara yesterday hit out strongly at the authorities, saying “this is the first time ever in the history that AIADMK leaders are refused by a prison”.

“We have always found ourselves welcome at prisons. We, led by our leaders, have a track record of being regulars at the prisons. So, for us to be turned away by a jail is unacceptable. If this situation continues, we have no other choice but to issue, Kamal-like, a threat to get out of this country.”


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  1. No special facility is to be provided as this will be a breach of jail rules and it will make a precedent for other criminals. Karnataka has no authority to shift her to Tamil Nadu without permission of SC.


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