Mariayn Jennifer

Offbeat medley – News Today goes freewheeling

This is not your regular news. News Today correspondents give you experiences of life that you won’t find in the regular news reports. GOING PLACES News reporting takes scribes to places, even to the most undesirable ones. This reporter was at a government hospital for a story. The dilapidated building had an unbearable stench and was badly maintained with cobwebs in the ceiling. She was escorted to the second floor

Indulge in Westin's Surf n' Turf food festival

Food is one thing that has to be eaten with all the senses. The appearance, texture, flavour, aroma and taste and choice of ingredients, all matter. This is what the chefs at Sunset Grill, The Westin Chennai, in Velacheri, have in mind. The Surf n’ Turf food festival at this restaurant is sure panders to all the senses. Open only for dinner, the restaurant has chefs who bring out a

Artist Venkataramana breathes life into simple things

‘Ever green, forever lasting’ is the theme that K Venkataramana has chosen for his painting works. There is something unique about his work that speaks volumes about his theme, brush strokes and choice of colours. Sharp lines in his subjects seem to attract the onlooker to peer closely at the canvas. The figurines, shapes, objects and even humans have this style. He has followed it in each of his works.

Colours and geometry rule canvas

Contemporary art is C Sugumar’s forte. His love for the brush has made him produce several colourful canvases for the last 15 years. He specialises in painting, designing, free hand outline and model drawing. His strokes are a way of expressing his emotions. Human beings, divinity and nature are some of the subjects he has chosen for innovation. A master with a mind of his own, Sugumar’s dealings with each

Dessert lab in Alwarpet chills up a storm

More and more people are dining out – for various reasons. Restaurants and cafes seem to be springing up at every street corner, making this even more interesting and rewarding. Many of these eateries and kiosks are trying up to please the beast (customers) with more innovation in their food. One of the newer entrants is 196 Degrees Below – a dessert destination. HOW DOES IT STAND OUT? This dessert