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Public can test-drive Google self-driven cars now

Ever since Google said they are making driverless car into a reality, there has been huge expectation on how and when it will be on the roads. The search assistant company has just done that now. The company is now letting people use its driverless car service for any ride at any time. The company’s sister firm, Waymo, has created a free early rider programme in Phoenix, Arizona. Waymo has equipped

Reports show how new iPhone 8 would look

It has been 10 years since Steve Jobs held up the first original iPhone to the world. Years down, Apple is all set to introduce their new iPhone 8 and the same is said to have several features. Reports suggest that the Cupertino giant is preparing three iPhones to be launched this fall, including upgraded versions of the current two iPhone models and a handset with a new look. For

Chennaiite makes life easier for birds in summer

Chennai: When the city is reeling under the hot summer sun, social worker Michael R Hubert, a resident of Kodambakkam in the city has initiated steps to make it easier for the birds in the neighbourhood by providing them water and food. News Today met Hubert, who is involved in making bird houses to help them survive the heat. A resident of the locality, he says, ‘”Birds, bees and butterflies

Chennai doc cures ailments with alternative system

Chennai: These days, more people are turning to Homeopathy for quick relief from ailments and for leading a stress-free daily life. Speaking to News Today, Homeopathy practitioner, Dr R Sundar,  gave an insight about this alternative system of medicine. The 48-year-old Sundar, who completed his BHMS from Government Homeopathic Medical College in  Thirumanagalam, Madurai, and M D from Salem Vinayaga Mission, said, “Homeopathy is used as an alternative medicine because

Does technology really help us while running?

We see a lot of people running, jogging, walking with a tech gear strapped on them. These are becoming more natural and a common sight. Running is more of a cheap and cheerful way of getting and staying fit. Decades ago, when people took a walk they just wore a good pair of running shoes, a shorts and a tee. It was so very simple. But we don’t do any

Broken traffic mirror in Chennai worries motorists

Chennai: The Kodambakkam bridge in the city that connects Kodambakkam High Road to other parts of the city. Under this bridge, Choolaimedu High Road starts and connects to Nungambakkam and Choolaimedu areas. The road is quite narrow and people going from Kodambakkam find it difficult to navigate their vehicles. Due to this, a road safety mirror was installed for better driving, but residents feel that it is not being properly

Budding Chennai chess player needs financial help

Chennai: A resident of Choolaimedu in the city, M Arun (16), who is studying class 11, is a chess champion in the making. He has an immense interest in the game that got attracted to it when he was in class six. He remains to be one of the best in the game of 64 squares in the locality. “My inspiration is World Champion Viswanathan Anand. He is my all-time

Augmented reality on Iphone8?

Chennai: A lot of technological development were the talk of Tim Cook since becoming Apple’s chief executive in 2011. Driverless cars. artificial intelligence, streaming television are quite a few to mention. But no technology has really taken of like augmented reality, which overlays images, video and games on the real world. “We will all have AR experiences everyday, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much

It's Swachh Bharat mission for Chennaiites

Chennai: The wards 130,135 and 136 in Kodambakkam in the city have been declared as open defecation free zones by the Chennai Corporation. Many students, residents and others have supported this cause and have submitted declarations saying that they do not defecate in open places. This comes under the Swaach Bharath Mission and residents are happy about this. “‘A community toilet is available within a distance of 500 meters from

What has Android O got in store?

As per Google tradition, the Android version will be released at I/O for developer and the final version will be released with Google Pixel device later this year. But, the new features of the upcoming latest Android O could have been leaked and it includes revamped notifications, adaptive icons, picture-on-picture feature, automatic text copying and much more. IMPROVED NOTIFICATION Reports suggest that the new version will have improved notifications; however,

Subway in Chennai needs maintenance

Chennai: The Nelson Manickam Road subway, which connects Choolaimedu and Nungambakkam, in the city needs renovation. Steel beams protrude out in many parts of the subway, including the roof and side walls. The facility is used by motorists from nearby areas to reach main parts of the city, including Nungambakkam, Chetpet, Anna Salai and other parts of the locality. Residents feel that unlike the other linking roads namely Harrington subway