Aussies bat for formalising 'Pre-DRS'

Bengaluru: While Indian captain Virat Kohli minced no words about what he thought of his Australian counterpart Steve Smith looking in the direction of his team’s dressing room on whether to opt for DRS or not after he was adjudged out in the second innings of the Bengaluru Test, the Australian camp, for their part, found nothing amiss in Smith’s action and have described Smith’s action as: ‘Pre-DRS’. The Australian

Soundu party!

‘Gnnnnnnnnn Hrrrrrrrrrr, Jklfgdhhutor Teqzxvbnm, Gfropss,’ he said. ‘Snnnnnnnn Mgggggggg Kyyyyyy on Bgiofrtsl,’ I replied enthusiastically. The conversation continued in this vein for the better part of two hours last night, where neither of us could hear what the other was saying. Heck, I couldn’t hear what I was saying. Heck, I could not see the person in front of me. The surrounding was not just loud. It was LOUD enough

People rising

What is with the Tamils? They seem to be seizing every opportunity to launch protests. It is a strange reaction given that we do not care to intercede when we see two people wrestling on the road over some petty issue or if a big fight breaks out in our neighbourhood. But, recently, people have been taking up cudgels on behalf of people they do not know from Adam or

An exercise in gas

FAQs on Neduvasal hydrocarbon project Chennai, Mar 1 : After being in the boil since December last, the State is finally… no, wait, we have news coming in that the protest against the hydrocarbon project in Neduvasal is snowballing into a big crisis-like situation that Tamilnadu is now so used to, and without which dire withdrawal symptoms were kicking in. Already media houses (read TV channels) have dispatched their most

If Sasi isn’t shifted to TN prison, prison will be shifted to TN

By : Balakumar K, E-Mail : Wednesday, 22nd February 2017 She has a serious allergic condition to jails in Karnataka: Doctor Chennai, Feb 22: Some moves are already afoot to shift AIADMK general secretary V K Sasikala from the Karnataka prison because — pay close attention here — the prison is in Karnataka and not in Tamil Nadu. But if the judiciary turns out to be unreasonable and orders

And the Oscar for overreacting goes to...

By : K Balakumar, E-Mail  I will tell you as to when most parents get into panic mode: 1 Ahead of public exams of their children. 2 Most other occasions. The point is most people as parents are never really normal, or, at any rate, not really allowed to be sane by their wards. But around board exams, parents, like MLAs during trust vote in Assembly, become different beasts.

‘Power of Attorney’ politics

By : T R Jawahar, E-Mail : Friday, 17th February 2017             Rational TN can stump lawmen and laymen alike. The happenings here have always been high on absurd theatrics and can easily carry away and confound even the sanest of minds in an emotional sweep. The current scenario is just old wine adulterated by a Midas touch, in fresh disposable plastic crush cups.