Try new jewellery as summer is almost gone

With summer being a thing of the past, fashion experts say it is time to indulge in new jewellery collections. Here are some tips to get trendy. LONG CHAINS Though chokers have been ruling the last season, the statement long chains have made a bold comeback for this season. A suitable statement necklace that goes with your wardrobe is the one you should opt for. FEATURED ARM CUFFS These bracelets are back.

Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan goes traditional

For Anand Kumar, who is the third generation entrepreneur, innovation is the key. This proud owner of Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan, Mylapore, has revamped his outlet in the vintage concept. Also called VB Heritage, it now offers new culinary experience inspired by south Indian cuisine amidst an ambiance that reflects the temple town of Mylapore. First of its kind, is what the owners claim. “Located right opposite the open Kapaleeswarar temple

Royal Enfield bikes ride on thump and torque

If you ask any Royal Enfield owner why he loves his ride, he might reveal two prime reasons: the thump and the torque. Royal Enfield bikes produce a unique thumping sound which no other manufacturer in this world offers. They have good low-end torque (twist force) which helps them move effortlessly even with a heavy person on board. So, what makes an Enfield different from the rest? Well, it’s none

Starving to get fit? Wrong, says dietitian

Chennai: Many now are into crash diet following social media, without any proper expertise. This paves the way for health-related issues for all age groups. This is not right, says Dr Dharini Krishnan, a nutrition consultant. Many people are starving to reduce their weight and many start dieting on their own? Is this right? Starving to reduce weight is not a great idea. People tend to feast after the fast.

Following the North East trail

Chennai: Tucked away inside a drab complex is Naga Reju, a small restaurant that serves authentic Naga cuisine. Unlike most other north-east kitchens, this restaurant has a specific menu for food from Nagaland which comes with a spice warning. The dishes in the special menu is made with Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) which holds the Guinness Record for the world’s hottest chili pepper. The restaurant serves all the basic north

Pantheon Road: A fashion hub always

Chennai: Pantheon Road, located near Connemara library in Egmore, serves as the coolest place for running materials that are priced low. Starting from Rs 35 to Rs 350, this is one hub which attracts several college students who prefer to get fashionable. The sellers import materials through brokers from Tiruppur. Some of them are here for nearly 30 years. It is not surprising to see foreigner visiting the nearby museum

Experience shows how capable BMWs are

After a two-hour wait that was accompanied by my constant squabble with the PR guy, I finally had a go at the BMW xDrive experience that was held in the city on Saturday. It was an attempt by BMW to show off what exactly their vehicles are capable of, in case you find yourself in a lake somehow. After a boring safety briefing, that was very long, we were allowed

Benjarong restaurant's date with king of fruits

Mangoes taste so good that people forget how healthy they are. Many nutritionists and health experts call mangoes the ‘king of fruits’ due to its numerous health benefits. This fruit has diverse taste, and several restaurants are banking on it. Benjarong, one of Chennai’s go-to destinations for Thai cuisine, has come up with a new menu to celebrate the season of summer and mangoes. Mango is a popular fruit in Thailand that is

2-tone fashion adds twice the colour to life

It’s that time of the year when sexy summer dresses go back inside the wardrobe only to be replaced by long jackets as there is a nip in the weather. Well, this  should not dishearten us as we can still make a statement during this time with two-tone fashion. Here are a few things that will make you the centre of attraction. JEANS The never-out-of-fashion material comes with a new twist.

Italians need to try harder to make history

It was 1960 and Henry Ford II was looking to make Ford standout as global car-maker. Thus, he set his eyes on racing.  A win at Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans, ‘the’ two famous races of that time, would do the trick, he reckoned. It was at the time when a letter tipped him that Ferrari are up for sale. Ford spent a lot of money assessing the situation and in

'90s fashion make a rocking comeback

  Top trends that made a debut in the ’90s are back with a bang. The period that is well-known for high-top sneakers, velvet chokers, pop of neon, tailored men’s suit, etc., are the blooming period of newest fashions. Take a nostalgic walk down that lane, which has once again made way for these trends this season. Chokers forever This close fitting necklace is worn around the neck. It comes out in a