Pocket-friendly burgers here

Chennai: There are not many joints in the city which offer succulent burgers at pocket-friendly prices. Shivas Burger Joint in Aminjikarai, however, serves tasty burgers at affordable rates. Started by long time buddies Shiva and Deepak, this small joint has become an instant hit among the locals and students. Unlike other burgers, where the patty is precooked and refrigerated, everything at Shiva’s joint is done fresh. “We have eaten a

Guys, stay cool this summer

It’s time to pack your jackets and heavy jeans and bring out the cool and comfortable summer clothes to beat the heat. Summers is here and it is time to show off your hard work done at the gym. Your biceps and calf muscles will definitely be noticed if you choose an outfit listed below. Goutham Jacob, a fashion stylist, has shortlisted summer clothing trends for men which you should

Tigor is just another sedan

When the Indian government decided that it can make do with 12 per cent for cars under four metres, the market grew in big leaps. To put it in actual terms, the market saw 13 new models added under the sub-four metre till January last year, taking the tally to a whopping 47 models in the segment. Obviously, no major automaker will let the chance pass and so, Maruti, Hyundai,

Dig into pan-Asian delicacies at Va Pho

Chennai: Va Pho, is the latest hot spot for foodies in the city. This places serves pan-Asian delicacies from various countries like China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Myanmar. The restaurant located at Alwarpet, fulfills your gastronomical desires by combining together the essential blend of food and fun. It magically infuses a delectable cuisine prepared with rich ingredients along with a lively ambience that allows one to have

Style your hair this summer

Summer is here and it is time for a cool new swanky hairstyle for men. However, with the rising temperature, men need a hairstyle that makes it easier to deal with heat and sweat. At the same time, it should also be easy to maintain. And if you are looking for inspiration for your next uber-cool cut then, look no further, Jose Federick, an expert stylist gives us some of

Indian bikes now have Japanese makers agog

Though we are one of the major players in the global automotive scenario at present, we must accept the fact that we didn’t ignite the spark ourselves. Just like how we launched our first pencil rocket in collaboration with Russia, our home-grown manufacturers started manufacturing automobiles only after collaborating with overseas firms. When two-wheelers are taken to consideration, the three major Indian players, Hero, TVS and Bajaj, collaborated with Japanese

Dessert parlour serves up chilled delights

Chennai: Have you ever had a milkshake so thick that you feel like eating a dessert? Thick Shake Factory in Nugambakkam is the place to experiment on your milkshake dreams. Opened few months back, this small outlet provides foodies with a perfect after meal drink. There are two options to choose, either it’s a thick shake or a milkshake, but everyone goes for the former as the name goes (Thick

Beat the summer heat with latest trends

Chennai: Summer is here and many of us are looking out for alternate clothing to beat the heat. This season’s wardrobe gets playful and edgy. Cherished hand-me-downs are given a twist and old staples abandoned to make way for new ones. The 80s are revisited with big shoulder pads, customised denims, and ruffles. Sustainability takes centre-stage with handlooms, crafts and organic fabrics making their mark on the runway. Renuka, the

What can stop the craze for SUVs?

India is a strange market for automobile manufacturers to crack. Many good cars have failed to impress the buying public here, while many other cars worth not a thing have ruled the country’s roads. It seems that Indians give more importance to how the car looks rather than how it is built. They are concerned about how many extra kilometres their car will give them and not about how safe

Foot wear trend for fashionistas

  Chennai: Experts say, people notice your foot first, before noticing your face. It’s of utmost importance to be in the trend of footwear which need to be comfortable, yet very stylish. Fear not ladies. Monisha Dhananjeyan, style expert from Chennai, brings you a list of must- have shoes to help you pick the right one, next time you go for shopping. Flat Sandals Sandals are an essential pick you

Jonah’s Bistro serves chilled delights this summer

Chennai: Chennaiites have started feeling the heat. The need to keep one’s body hydrated is very important during this season. Jonah’s Bistro located in Anna Nagar is doing just that by serving tasty treats to quench thirst. As the summer heat is getting intense, chefs here are coming up with innovative dishes. Serving cuisine from the West Coast and beyond. One dish which is keep customers coming back is Jonah’s