Kailash Parbat gives nice twist to vegetarian food

The first thing you see when you enter Kailash Parbat are the luggage cases that are transformed into shelves. Located on Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kotturpuram, the restaurant has given a twist to the traditional dishes in an effort to attract the ‘young crowd’. First on the list is watermelon margarita. A refreshing drink, the only way to describe this drink would be to say it is never-ending. Crushed ice mixed with watermelon

Vehicle tyres contribute to pollution as well

The world has somehow come to the conclusion that cars and bikes need to be banned as every time they run on the streets, they are definitely going to kill Johnny polar bear and his associates. They may be correct in some aspects. Burning fossil fuels pollutes the air that we breathe and the excess heat produced by vehicles will directly and indirectly melt ice caps, which in turn affect

Bite into various mouth watering momos

Momos are becoming the hot favorites among many. This easy to eat dish is healthy as it is steamed and sometime fried. “It is everybody’s favourite and that is why we have chosen them,” claims Lee Chai Chung, executive chef at Wang’s Kitchen. The momo festival is on at all their outlets and has been inspired with the concept of just popping the momo into your mouth. “The momos are

Chennai's veg restaurants that tickle your tastebuds

Veganism has caught up with Chennai. Many are abstaining from consuming anything that has to do with animal products. Our diet conscious Chennaiities are flocking to high end joints for their leafy cravings. Here is a list of some vegetarian restaurants in the city. Krishnavillasam Located in Nugambakkam and Adyar. This joint serves both north and south Indian cuisine. They also offer Chinese food. Cost for 2: Rs 850  

Akula makes clean sweep in bike competition

When it comes to performance-oriented bikes, Bajaj has been ruling the roost for a good one-and-a-half decades now. Both Hero Moto Corp and TVS Ltd had challenged the legacy of the brand but eventually failed. When Bajaj partnered with Austria’s KTM, the gap widened further. In line with Bajaj’s strategy, TVS collaborated with BMW Motorrad of Germany and everyone expected a game-changer from the duo. But, again, their first product,

From trench coat to twisted sarees

Fashion is not just limited to celebrities or models, it is global. Television,  newspapers,  Internet  and all other means of communication has exposed  people  to  the  ever-changing fashion trends. This  article will discuss about the latest fashion for women. Shirt dresses A shirt dress is said to be a summer collection which will be the coolest collection  ever. These shirts were in trend a few years ago and has now

Here is a list of must visit places for Chennaiites

Chennai: Chennai, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, has a charm of its own. But, for many, it is where home and office are located. So, it becomes imperative to get out of the city to relax body and mind. In order to re-generate the power lost during a tiring week, one must explore. “But where to?” is the question that everybody asks. Interestingly, there are a number

BS IV: Honda stirs hornet's nest with new version

The transition from BS III to BS IV was one of the greatest setbacks for the automobile industry this year. This was due to their blatant neglect of the Supreme Court order on strictly enforcing it from 1 April. Above all, automobile manufacturers were in great disappointment as they had expected the Central government to give more room for selling the old BS III stock. Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India

Mumbai street foods to tickle Chennai tastebuds

Chennai: For food lovers of this city there is no shortage of locations to get tasty dishes. This time, they can make it to Poolview restaurant at SRM Hotel to indulge their tastebuds with some popular dishes of Mumbai. The ‘Mumbai Street Food Festival’, which was inaugurated recently, offers a good deal of street food popular across various locations in Mumbai. Inaugurating the food festival, director of SRM Institute of

Here is a sample of best cocktails for summer

Summer is here and it is time to try out some chill and refreshing drinks that would quench your thirst and please your party friends. Rosemary Lemonade A great lemonade drink with a mix of Tequila, fresh lemonade and rosemary infused with crushed ice. Easy to make in large quantities for pool parties. Hawaiian Iced Tea A bit different from the Long Island Iced Tea. This tropical version consists of

Chennai's rabbit hole for a calm date

With many resto bars closing their shutters due to liquor ban along highways, the Velveteen Rabbit has taken advantage of this opportunity to establish itself as a regular ‘to go’ for Chennaiites. Located at R A Puram, this resto bar is small with only six tables. The place is usually less crowded in weekdays but it would be wise to book a table in advance to avoid any hassle. The