Infosys, TCS to show the way

Chennai: Amid fears that Indian IT has not kept pace with rapidly evolving technologies, search firm Head Hunters expressed optimism that top firms like TCS and Infosys will lead the digital segment. However, it will be a long-drawn battle as global players like IBM and Accenture, which had invested very early in digital capabilities, command a lion’s share of the market, according to Head Hunters India founder and MD, Kris

Security flaw found in Samba networking software

Recently, a security flaw was discovered in Samba networking software by Steelo of Samba Security team, which is quite similar to SMB exploit in Linux and Windows. The flaw is nothing but the critical remote code execution vulnerability, which could allow a remote attacker to hack into flaw-affected Linux and Unix machines. Being an open-source software, Samba works on major operating systems including Linux and Windows. This software could allow

Study reveals excessive Facebook use leads to illness

Los Angeles: People who check their Facebook profile more often are likely to be sad and unhealthy as compared to those who use the popular social networking site sporadically, a new study warns. Researchers, including those from University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in the US, used data from 5,208 people about their Facebook use between 2013 and 2015. The team investigated the associations of Facebook activity and real-world social

Study reveals new designer virus can fight cancer

Geneva: Scientists have created artificial ‘designer’ viruses that can target cancer by alerting the body’s immune system and sending killer cells to fight tumours. The findings, published in the journal Nature Communications, may pave the way for novel cancer treatments. Most cancer cells only provoke a limited reaction by the immune system – the body’s defence mechanism – and can thus grow without appreciable resistance. By contrast, viral infections cause

Biometric now turns easy for security breach

Chennai: Biometric data has become a major authentication security system in several sectors, which includes defense, banking, etc. Unlike other system, many people and government bodies tend to believe this technology as most trust worthy. But literally speaking, the properties of biometric security, which includes fingerprints and iris scan are said to be the most worst authentication method. WHY BIOMETRIC IS NOT SAFE? Unlike other authentication methods, the advantage of

WikiLeaks releases CIA project Athena

After the release of ‘AfterMidnight‘, WikiLeaks published documents of ‘Athena’, a project of CIA, on 19 May on their official website. This time, the group has published documents based on CIA’s Athena tool in their Vault 7 leaks that already holds eight CIA tools and secrets in the archive. Followed by Dark Matter document leak on 23 March of this year, the group has leaked Marble Framework (31 March), Grasshopper

Security researcher opens up on ransomware

In recent days, the word ransomware has become the most dreaded one in the Internet world. It is not just because of WannaCry alone but because of the havoc created by other ransomware, including Jaff, spora, etc., which went unnoticed. Many believe that Microsoft alone was vulnerable to ransomware attack. But in this cyber world, nothing is safe. The security flaws in new inventions and discoveries have left loopholes for

TRAPPIST-1's outermost planet orbits every 19 days: NASA

Washington: A year in the outermost planet of the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 star system would last just 19 Earth days, say scientists who have confirmed the orbital details of the cosmic body using NASA’s Kepler Telescope. Researchers identified a regular pattern in the revolutions of the planets of TRAPPIST-1 and confirmed details about the orbit of its least understood planet, TRAPPIST-1h. TRAPPIST-1 is only eight per cent the mass of

Big announcements post Google I/O 2017

The Google I/O 2017 finished last week and the team has brought in some big announcements to its users. On concluding the event, CEO Sundar Pichai and his team laid out a future road map for Android, Google Assistant, Google Home, virtual reality and much more. The company has now settled into a pattern of releasing information about what it is doing and what it wants to do for developers

Key to decrypt WannaCry without ransom is here

After a crucial week, we got one happy news on the WannaCry ransomware threat. This story is about a new decryption tool. Quarkslab security researcher, Adrien Guinet, discovered a new tool named ‘Wannakey‘, which would retrieve the secret encryption keys of WannaCry ransomware and allow the infected user to decrypt without paying a ransom. At present, the tool works on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and

HCL unveils training programme in the city

Chennai: HCL technologies announced TechBee which is an early career training programme for the school students who have completed Higher Secondary exams. HCL The programme is specially meant for students who aspire to become software engineer. Speaking at the launch here Thursday, HCL Technologies, vice president, Srimathi Shivashankar said, “We are excited to unveil TechBee in Chennai. The first batch of the program was launched in Madurai and Lucknow last