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  • Beyond GST
    As India awaits the introduction of its historic GST regime with bated […]

Flowery trail

I follow my nose to tell the climate. In summer, I smell jasmine (malli) flowers and Rangoon creeper (which blooms in white and turns a deep pink by morning). In the rainy season, it is the Indian cork (maramalli) that ...

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Aadhaar made compulsory for advocates arguing against Aadhaar

* Bar Council of India makes it mandatory for membership enrolment ​​​​​​​New Delhi, June 21: The banks are moving towards making it mandatory. Colleges are going in the same direction. Not to be left behind, the judiciary too is following suit. According to ...

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It is fashionable to be critical of government agencies and departments. But there are occasions when we have to be thankful to them for the kind of services they render. For instance, this week’s column couldn’t have been written but ...

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It's an election that uses 1971 population census data

* Presidential poll process will make Duckworth-Lewis or GST calculation look like kindergarten stuff New Delhi, June 14: If ever you are asked to set a question paper for an examination that no one can clear successfully, all you have to do ...

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Comey naughty!

As a die-hard fan of Indian cricket team, my view on the India-Sri Lanka match in the ongoing Champions Trophy is that James Comey was pretty convincing in his performance. The thing is, as a typical Indian cricket follower, I switched ...

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All your old confusions will become old when GST is in place

Even the not-so-FAQs answered Chennai, June 10: GST. What is the road ahead? We at Crank's News are uniquely placed to answer this question -- this is why we are experts and you are just lay leaders -- because the road ahead of ...

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