Going, Going.. Gone

Posted on   11:35 am

The demise of the UF government owing to the withdrawal of the support by the Congress is in a way a mercy killing. Having entered the internsive Care Unit the dy the Jain panel. findings were reported by the press, there was really no way the government could survive.

Election jitters

Posted on   5:31 pm

For once the parliamentarians of the na-lion can boast of unity. They may differ on political ideologies and may not see eye to eye on economic policies. They would have no qualms about stalling the profeedings of the august body if their writ does not run and unhesitatingly enter into wordy duets at the slightest provocatiton

Costly stalemate

Posted on   5:21 pm

It is not the first time in the recent past that the nation finds itself on the brink, The fragile coalition cobbled up in the aftermath of the 1996 polls always’ had an in built potential for col-lapse as it was just a gang-up of pare ties to prevent BJP from ruling the country

Brigand drama back on stage

Posted on   5:08 pm

Journalist turned emissary Gopal’s reported meeting with the forest brigand Veerappan has once again caused eyebrows to be raised,especially in the context of the STF intensifying the search operations.

Stewing in their own juice

Posted on   5:01 pm

For those who did not doubt the veracity of the leaked version of the Jain report, its tabling in Parliament brings no surprises. This political bombshell of a report, which was ignited prematurely much to the chagrin of the UF government, had burnt itself out by the time it reached Parliament,

Sun shines on lotus?

Posted on   4:39 pm

It is not known If the BJP atheist, But is quite possible considering that the party is now on a moral shedding spree. After UP anything is and the saffron brigade does not mince words when it keeps reminding the people of the nation the necessity to mix to Principles and real poltik.

Strange world, this

Posted on   4:26 pm

It is quite surprising how truth could be twisted to suit convenience and to bale out powedul men in trouble. But it is alarming to learn that there can be so many takers for the farce.

This pumpkin is too big to hide

Posted on   4:21 pm

Self-respect and rationalism are expendable ideologies. If found inconvenient they can always be sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. The DMK and its leader are now in the grip of one such predicament and have typically sought to give their cherished ideals a silent burial.

Unjustified indignation

Posted on   5:09 pm

The 19th of November happers to be former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s birthday. The Congressmen of the country will no doubt go through the motions of hornage to the stain leader but there is little hope that there would be any introspection within the party on this occasion,

Perils of tiger riding

Posted on   4:30 pm

It is foolish to throw stones from inside a glass house. But the DMK had been doing just that ever since it ascended to power, unmindful of the timebomb which has been ticking under its edifice for the last several years. The LTTE ghost simply refuses to be exorcised and keeps coming back to haunt the party and its leaders.