Forget it

Posted on   5:29 pm

The only crowd that appears somewhat in a mood to cheer the birth of yet another year, is perhaps the Congress. The last three days of this outgoing year have more than compensated for 362 days of endless woes for the party. In a way, the Sonia-mania that has gripped the party and lifted its sagging spirits

The great gamblers

Posted on   5:56 pm

Rationalists should forgive me, but the temptation to delve into mythology is so overpowering. Not that the rationalists? own world is devoid of myths, rather their very ideology itself is one.

Kumaramangalam’s coup

Posted on   5:53 pm

That Congress is a sinking ship and is a fit case for desertion would be stating the obvious. Though, the exodus from this party of yore on a daily basis is a recent phenomenon, the erosion in its popular appeal had started long back. Having lost its stability slogan to the BJP and with too many claimants for the secular card biting away at its very roots, the party appears bankrupt in every way.

A naked nation

Posted on   4:50 pm

The forthcoming battle at the hustings is no Mahabaratha nor is India a Kurukshetra. There are no Pandavas though there is no dearth of Kauravas. The 1998 polls promises to be anything but a Dharmayudh, devoid of values or principles with the warring groups setting their sights on power and power alone.

All shell, no soul

Posted on   5:47 pm

A recent visitor to the TMC headquarters in Chennai informs me of the uneasy calm that prevails there. The atmosphere at the Sathyamurthy Bhavan is anything but euphoric,despite the party alliance with the DMK continuing. But I am sure that precisely is the reason for the sense of gloom that has gripped the TMC camp.

Hamlet is a tragic hero

Posted on   10:30 am

We are not sure if he meant it, but TMC president G.K. Moopanar did aver that his party may even prefer to keep out of the polls, as a last option. It may not really happen, but such a statement coming from the leader of a political party claiming to have a national outlook…

A devil’s domain

Posted on   10:52 am

Call it a jinx, call it sheer coincidence or better still call it, political reality. Even a casual observer of Tamilnadu politics would not miss the inescapable conclusion that there is something about the DMK regimes…