Mud on the moustache

Posted on   7:08 pm

In the curtain raiser to this electoral circus on show, I had mentioned that buffoonery is not the sole preserve of the clowns and even serious players could at times offer comic relief. One such player has now obliged us.

Carry on, doctor!

Posted on   6:42 pm

Poll time is fun time. And on show at the Theatre of the Absurd, which is what India, that is Bharath, is, this Circus promises to be a whole-some entertainer. And as with all Circuses, while the main players slog it out at great risk….

The worlds belongs to the living, alas!

Posted on   6:38 pm

She came, she saw but we are not sure if she conquered. Sonia, now Soniaji in chaste European English did, however, impress us in her capacity as Rajiv’s widow if not as the sole torch bearer of the Congress campaign. She took us all through a painful walk down the memory lane to 21 May 1991,

What a fall!

Posted on   5:53 pm

These days history doesn’t take much time to repeat itself. The entry of Sonia Gandhi into the electoral fray and the continuation of TMC’s alliance with the DMK

Disturbing Echoes

Posted on   1:16 pm

‘I told you so’, says Karunanidhi. ‘There was never any doubt’, says Moopanar. Same team, same spirit, cries Karunanidhi. Amen, says the TMC leader. ‘Moopanar and I will discuss’ claims a relieved DMK chief. ‘Karunanidhi is the leader and so he alone will decide’, avers a subdued Moopanar.

Better never than late?

Posted on   1:10 pm

It is a paradox indeed. Quite a few stalwarts and several warts left the Congress because Sonia wouldn’t lend a helping hand. It is now being touted that precisely because that exodus threatened to consign the party of her husband to oblivion,

Cat and mouse charade

Posted on   1:04 pm

It is my fervent hope that by the time this article appears in print Surla would be back in confinement. Not wholly misplaced optimism considering that our police are as good at nabbing culprits as they are at letting them slip through their grasp.