As ‘steal’ turns stainless

Posted on   12:11 pm

The spate of daylight and midnight heists, of banks, jewellery shops etc, not to speak of routine robberies, within the space of a month in TN opens up interesting avenues for grinding the mental grist. So while the cops chase and hunt down the thieves let us spread our dragnet deeper and wider over self and society.

When child is the bother of man

Posted on   11:55 am

Child and teen crimes, though a regular national occurence, suddenly topped the charts this past week in TN. A classroom murder, a gang rape by trusted friends and a spate of suicides has left parents and teachers petrified and terrified. Every ward in every household or school must have received a second, suspicious look from a paranoid elder scouting either for a lingering offender or an innocent victim.

Anonymous: Porns and cons

Posted on   11:43 am

The 2G affair is getting curioser. Just when the nation was wondering if Sibal’s zero loss theory was right after all and the scam was only an illusion, came the SC’s cancellation of all licences. So let’s pinch ourselves and confirm that there was indeed a scam. Now, who perpetrated it and who were party to it?