Look who is running!

Posted on   1:29 pm

We have known Governments to be in the dock. Or on the mat, to use another manner of speech. But on the run? Honest, Honourable MSingh’s regime now has that rare distinction. Chased by an army of activists, an activist judiciary, an aggrieved army, alert auditors, agitated masses, an articulate middle class and an alarmist media, the Government of India has turned out to be the first fugitive. And it is also running from itself, knowing full well its own dark shadows will follow it to the finish.

Crumbling defences

Posted on   1:17 pm

Discretion, doubtless, is the better part of valour. A nation’s army chief who is the constitutional symbol of such valour and strength is, therefore, expected to exercise self-control and care. So what explains the Indian Army head honcho’s scam-salvo-a-day attack on the Government?

The Heritage Hoax

Posted on   1:14 pm

Even before the first run, the Chennai Metro rail is running over sensitive toes. It is expected that such a project would upset the existing topography and displace businesses, educational institutions and livelihoods. The courts are presently seized with many such issues relating to status quo and compensation in the normal course.

Tigers by the tail

Posted on   12:50 pm

The Bengal tiger or tigress rather, though those famed and feared carnivores themselves may resent the comparison to Mamata, is at it again. For well over a decade, she had fine tuned her roar and honed her fangs to fight the Comrades, her permanent prey.

When media is the news

Posted on   12:44 pm

‘These polls are turning out to be great for our channel’: We know that most anchors on TV are snooty and self-absorbed. But this remark by the snootiest of them all takes the cake. What the polls meant to those States, those voters and the nation is of no consequence, pushed to the backseat or even to the boot!

A matter of numbers

Posted on   12:34 pm

A cheque deposited on Monday gets cleared by Wednesday, or worse, Thursday. However, cheques issued on Monday promptly land in your debit on Tuesday itself. That is why most of us treading on thin liquidity ice keep a buffer of two days for issue of cheques against cheques received. Also post dated cheques that outlive the mortals issuing them pack the cheque calendar tighter.