Caught & bowled

Posted on   3:08 pm

This was one bouncer that Sachin should have ideally ducked. The ruling bowlers clearly wanted to draw him out and nudge him and he is now caught, clean and square. Small wonder they are gloating over this prize scalp even as us spectators remain bewildered on how the respected player could bite the bait and become such an easy victim.

Students’ sad story

Posted on   2:02 pm

There is much hullabaloo over the SC judgement on the RTE Act. But two more suicides by city students this week show that the statutory right to the three Rs, that the judges, activists and rulers are so obsessed with, often goes against the larger right to life and livelihood of us students. The basic question arises if we should at all be put through this education wringer only to emerge in shreds.

Dangers come calling

Posted on   1:53 pm

Mother nature just made a morbid missed call. On the earlier occasion she came calling in these same regions it was a rage that ravaged nations and people in one mighty swell and sweep. That she has chosen to come crawling this time is not to be mistaken as modesty or a measure of her mercy.