Review: Marainthirunthu Paarkum Marmam Enna – Chain reaction


‘Marainthirunthu Parkkum Marmam Enna’ (MPME) is about chain-snatching. The subject is quite similar to the 2016 film ‘Metro’. But filmmaker Rahesh had added some emotional elements to make it work well.

He has also added some eye-openers with some brutal and spine-chilling events and ends with advice on women safety. Remember Rahesh, made his debut with commercial entertainer ‘Thambikottai’ in 2011.

The movie is about a daring young man who is compelled to join a gang that is behind chain-snatching crimes in the city. He has his own plans. What happens then forms the crux of the movie.

The movie stars Dhruvva, Aishwarya Rajesh, ‘Mime’ Gopi, J D Chakravarthy, Saranya Ponvannan among others. Dhruvva plays Japan, who involves in chain-snatching. 

Japan (Dhruvva) comes across Jeeva (Ramachandran Durairaj) when he snatches jewellery from him. Jeeva is a member of a gang headed by Mattai (‘Mime’ Gopi). Meanwhile Japan’s attempt at chain-snatching from Bharathi (Aishwarya Dutta) lands him in trouble. She sees his face. Interestingly, she is wife of police commissioner Dilip Chakravarthy (JD Chakravarthi). He begins to investigate the crimes.

We don’t find MPME too dramatic until the backstory of Japan is narrated. The movie enters a lighter pace for sometime during this sequence involving Saranya Ponvannan as Japan’s mother. Her dialogue, ‘En paiyana kalyanam pannikiriya’ reminds the cool-mom shades of her again.

Dhruvva has done a good job. Action comes good for him. J D Chakravarthy lends some solidity, but a lot was expected from him being a seasoned campaigner.

Rahesh’s narration is creative in parts. The way he defines police and thief with Radha Ravi’s voiceover, and later breaks the suspense with the actor’s sudden appearance is commendable.

MPME is engaging in parts.