Chennaiite talks about benefits of native cows’ milk

Posted on   11:27 am

“Our family has been residing in Porur for several decades now and we have been doing milk business for five generations. After a severe fall from people buying the indigenous breed’s milk and switching to packed milk, now they are slowly getting back to the tradition of buying cow milk. Revolutions like Jallikattu protests have helped this change,” says D Murthy.

Assn in Chennai comes up with various welfare schemes

Posted on   11:11 am

Mangavu, secretary of this association, said,”We had asked the corporation to put up speed breakers to avoid accidents in our area for a long time, but our request was not heeded. After that, we took up responsibility for it; we raised money by ourselves and laid the speed breakers last month. With this, there is less risk of accidents taking place.”

New tahsildar office, community hall in Chennai to help public

Posted on   10:29 am

Tahsildar S Murugesan, who has been serving the people of Velacheri since 2012, says,”We moved to this location so that it would be easier for the public. They can come here to get Pattas and other certificates like community, nativity, income, legal heirship and so on. Like any other Government office, we will function from 10 am to 5.40 pm, and if need be, will work round the clock.”