Let SC deal with only specialised subjects: Hegde

N Santosh Hegde

Hyderabad: The Supreme Court should be the last court only for specialised subjects like interpretation of the Constitution, and not for every litigation, retired SC judge N Santosh Hegde has said.

“Supreme Court (SC) should not be the last court for every litigation; it should be the last court only for some specialised subjects like interpretation of the Constitution like the American Supreme Court,” the former Solicitor General of India told PTI.

“Let the High Court and other courts deal with it (other subjects); let the matter stop (at HC and other courts; let it not go to SC),” the former Karnataka Lokayukta suggested. High Courts also, he advocated, should be a little more careful and reduce the number of intake (of cases).

“All matters should not be taken up as a matter of routine; there should not be right on every citizen to have a hearing by the High Court or Supreme Court,” Hegde said. It would be easier for the Apex Court if it was made a “constitution court” or “some such thing,” he said, noting that today every matter which starts in the first court goes to the Supreme Court.

Hegde, who had also served as Advocate General of Karnataka, noted that the law profession has become a sought-after and well-paid one over the years from once being a “last resort of an unemployed graduate.”

When he joined the law course, it was a last resort of an unemployed graduate, the 78-year-old said. But today, it’s the most sought following the advent of the five-year course and National law schools in different parts of India.

“It’s really, really a well-paid profession,” he said, adding, law professionals today have multiple career choices, including positions such as company law secretary and law director.

“During my time I only have to practise or keep quiet. Now, it’s not like that. So many law firms are there; today law is a very sought-after profession and also it’s well-paid profession,” Hegde added.