Chennai shuttler gives tips to improve skills in sport

Posted on   12:24 pm

Aided by the support, Dikson’s school time badminton career yielded him many medals. He was a semi-finalist twice at the under 15 and under 17 Ashways State Badminton Tournament. The last two years of his school life, he has been the runner-up at the CBSE National Badminton Tournaments.

Chennai is top market for CBRE: Chairman

Posted on   11:37 am

With India being a key market, CBRE expects its local business to fuel growth and development in the country. Boasting of a robust economy and a skilled manpower, Chennai remains a crucial market for CBRE, a release stated.

Producer/distributor Trident Arts celebrates silver jubilee

Posted on   11:35 am

He then thanked every one who has supported Trident Arts. “Several producers have helped us. We have distributed more than 550 films that includes movies of every major Tamil film stars. Every year, we keep making films. We are now making 13 films back to back. We are also into web series.”

Review: Santhoshathil Kalavaram – Eerie entertainer

Posted on   10:52 am

Horror thrillers are aplenty in Tamil cinema. One film in this genre releases almost every week. Director Kranthi Prasad’s Santhoshathil Kalavaram, running in theatres now, tries to give a fresh twist to this genre by introducing an element of ‘cosmic energy’ into the battle of good vs evil.