Abducted six-year-old twins found murdered

New Delhi: Two six-year-old twin sons of a businessman who were kidnapped on February 12 from a school bus in Chitrakoot district of Madhya Pradesh were found dead in a river in Uttar Pradesh’s Banda.

Two men wearing mask and carrying guns had entered into a school bus and abducted the children in broad daylight.

Police said that the kidnappers killed the boys even after receiving the ransom amount. Talking to ANI, a police officer said that the culprits are still at large.

Commenting on the incident, Madhya Pradesh’s Minister for Public Relations PC Sharma said: “Its an unfortunate incident. The bodies were found in Uttar Pradesh and they were abducted from MP-UP border, such elements have been operating in UP. I am sure a joint op will help nab culprits.”

Referring to BJP’s demand that Madhya Pradesh’s Home Minister must resign over the incident, Sharma said that the incident occurred on MP-UP border and the bodies of the children were found in Uttar Pradesh, so UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath should take up the responsibility for the incident and tender his resignation.

“Why? Incident occurred on MP-UP border and the bodies were found in Uttar Pradesh so UP CM should resign instead,” Sharma said.