Editorial: Troubled times

Posted on   7:04 pm

The Nationalist Congress Party, the Trinamool Congress and Communist Party of India now face the prospect of losing their national party status following their performance in the Lok Sabha elections.

Vemal’s next is ‘Chozhanattan’

Posted on   6:16 pm

After ‘Kalavani 2’, actor Vemal will play the lead in a movie titled ‘Chozhanattan’. The film will be directed by Pattukottai Ranjith Kanna. Natchatra Prakash, who cranked the camera for Maragadha Kaadu cranks the camera.

Review: ‘Unarvu’ – Deals with emotions

Posted on   5:55 pm

Director Subbu deserves a credit especially for the first half of the film because it fully deals with the life of beggars. Their day-to-day struggle is captured neatly and it also tells us how they become beggars, not by their choice but by circumstances.