Indian Bank conducts ‘MSME Fortnight’

Chennai: Indian Bank had conducted “MSME Fortnight” from 15 to 30 November to support all MSMEs in general with focus on Micro and small Enterprises with the coordination of MSME Development Institute at Guindy on 29 November.

Executive director of Indian Bank MK Bhattacharya inaugurated the event in the presence of field general manager of Chennai K Chandra Reddy, zonal Manager of Chennai South P Subramanian, director of MSME Development Institute Suresh Bhabuji, staff of Indian Bank and customers.

According to a press release, P Subramanian delivered the welcome speech and pointed out the objectives of conducting fortnight to bring the necessary vibrancy in MSME lending and provide favourable environment for canvasing MSME clients into banks fold. Director of MSME, Suresh Bhabuji development institute addressed the gathering about the Government support for the enterprises through their organisation.

The press release added, K Chandra Reddy, highlighted the customer that Indian bank offers lesser interest rate to cluster specific well rated MSME customers. Further he emphasised the initiatives taken by Indian Bank to encourage the customer under MUDRA Loan, Stand-up India, SME and Tradewell Schemes.