From waste to manure

File photo of sembakkam municipality new building

CHENNAI: At a time when local bodies in the suburban areas are finding it difficult to dispose their garbage, Sembakkam Municipality has managed to generate 370 tonnes manure per year, from the waste collected in the neighbourhood.

It may be noted that more than 65,000 people are residing in 15 wards of the Municipality, which was declared as a dump-yard free locality in 2018.

Sources said, initially, the officials found it difficult with regard to the disposal, however, separate teams were formed to address the issue.

Speaking to News Today, an official said, close to 24 tonne garbage is collected in the Municipality on a daily basis.

“Out of the 12 tonne biodegradable waste collected everyday, we were able to generate 370 tonnes of manure. We have two big and six small micro compost yards across the neighbourhood. Out of the manure that is generated in the locality, 20 tonne is given to five farmers registered with the Municipality, 10 tonne each to Tamilnadu Agriculture and Forest departments, 10 tonne for those who do terrace gardening and 11 tonne is earmarked for the public,” the official said.

He further said that the manure generation and sales is done on a rotational basis.

“Apart from that, the 12-14 tonne of non-biodegradable waste that is collected, is sold to local vendors. The amount which we get from selling, is split and given to conservancy workers,” the official added.

It is worth recalling that the Sembakkam dump-yard was cleared using bio-mining process last year, and around 35,000 tonnes of waste was removed.

Any complaints regarding sanitation works, can be conveyed at 044 2228 2115 or 99529 49362.