“PPP” is an adult comedy, says Dinesh

Actor Dinesh plays the lead in an adult comedy titled Pallu Padama Paarthuka. Speaking at an event to promote the film, Dinesh, says, ”I did not accept the film for the sake of money, nor because I am out of work. I just wanted to try different genres, and adult comedy is one such type.”

Directed by Vijay Varadharaj of Temple Monkeys fame, says, ”It is an adult comedy film and on zombies shot mostly in forests. There are no explicit visuals in PPP. The dialogues have cuss words such as boys usually use when they booze or quarrel.”

Sanchitha shetty plays the female lead. The film was denied a certificate by RCB. The makers went to the Revising Committee, which did not clear it either, citing explicit content. Later, the tribunal at Delhi awarded it an ”A” after several cuts and mutes.

Shah Ra, Jagan, Linga, Abdool, Rishikanth and Naan Kaduvul Rajendran form part of the cast.