Is Chennai heading towards flattening Covid curve

Chennai: Chennai, which is putting a brave fight against Covid-19, is inching towards flattening the coronavirus curve, so to say.

A total of 1,13,058 cases of coronavirus have been recorded by the Health department since March, out of which 99,806 have recovered.

Currently, the active cases stand at 10,868. The death rate is 2.11 per cent. As part of rapid testing, on 13 August, as many as 11,025 persons were tested for coronavirus.

The pandemic has affected more men than women. As per data, 59.30 per cent of the patients have been male and 40.70 per cent are female.

Around 19.48 per cent of those contracting the virus is from the age group of 30-39 years of age. The Greater Chennai Corporation today gave an area-wise break-up of the places which have Covid-19.

According to the data, Ambattur has the highest number of active cases, that is, 1,563 persons have tested positive. Anna Nagar, a containment zone has 1,151 persons contracting the virus, Kodambakkam, which at one point of the lockdown was highly dangerous has brought the spread under control. Now the active cases stand at 1,243. At least 1,077 persons have tested positive in Adyar.

Manali, which had very few cases, saw a spike this morning. It now has 107 active cases. In Kodambakkam, as many as 11,569 persons have recovered. Teynampet has the highest number of deaths related to Covid-19- 355.