Film review: ‘Silence’ – Well begun, half done

Posted on   7:17 pm

A whodunit thriller with a deaf and dumb woman as witness forms the crux of ‘Silence’. It is rich and gloss as the whole story unfolds in America. But had it been packed with more punch for a thriller genre, the end product could have more satisfying.

Soundarya Sharma back in bio secure flight from LA

Posted on   6:54 pm

Soundarya Sharma was stranded in LA for over seven months as she was there to complete her acting classes from strasberg academy and New York Film Academy. She had been there for a major part of the year, due to flight cancellations and lockdown in India.

269 mn viewers watched IPL 13 in first week

Posted on   4:42 pm

The opening week of the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) being playing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was watched by 269 million viewers, 11 million more per match compared to the like period of last year’s edition.