‘Bhumi’ revolves around noble cause

Chennai: Bhumi is creating awareness on Section 12(1) (c) of the Right to Education (RTE) Act in Tamilnadu. This section provides a 25 per cent reservation for underprivileged children to get free education in private schools. Due to a lack of awareness among the people, almost 50 per cent of seats remained unfulfilled in 2019.

Dr Prahalathan KK, co-founder, Bhumi says, “Our government has sufficiently allocated a good percentage of free seats in private schools for the children whose parents have an annual income less than Rs two lakh per annum. However, the scenario remains bleak as many aren’t aware of such a great boon offered by the Government through RTE (Right to Education). They end up borrowing money to pay the academic fees, only pushing them into greater financial strain and difficulty. The main aim of Bhumi is to ensure that such gaps are bridged, and the needy children get the best possible education.”

We are running the RTE campaign this year again, all interested parents can connect with Bhumi through the web portal www.ilavasakalvi.in or call 8144-22-4444, he added.