Microsoft to bring LinkedIn profiles to Team chats

New Delhi: Tech giant Microsoft has announced that Teams will soon support an integration with LinkedIn that allows users to see their colleague’s profiles within one-to-one chats.

Through this feature, users can get to know more about their co-workers through the course of their onboarding or even while working on a special project.

Meanwhile, Microsoft says that it reviewed multiple factors in Teams, which were causing a battery drain on laptops like content capture, encoding and rendering during a video call and then worked on camera optimisation to reduce CPU demand, improve configurations, reducing code complexity by auto exposure, auto-white balance and auto-aliasing, which ended up drawing lesser power.

For video rendering, which could involve incoming videos with different resolutions, the tech giant says it combined the streams and composed them into a single video, which helped it consolidate operations in video rendering and significantly reduce the power requirements for each device in the meeting.