Pak to take harsh decisions to stabilise economy

Islamabad : In view of the dire economic situation in Pakistan the Shehbaz Sharif-led government has decided to take the crisis head on, even if it requires taking unpopular and tough decisions, in an effort tp steer the country out of the worsening crisis. The decision was taken during an important meeting of Sharif with his coalition partners, held at the Prime Minister House in Islamabad.

As per details, Sharif briefed the heads of the coalition partners about the current economic situation, a crisis he said, caused by the previous Imran Khan government and his failed financial policies.

Various options were discussed during the meeting, including that of dissolving Assemblies and bringing in a caretaker government, which would hold early elections in the country. It was stated that the onus and reasonability of the previous government’s failed financial policies should not be inherited by the current coalition government as it would damage the political position of the political parties. However, it was highlighted that this step would not bring any respite to the country’s crippling economic crisis and would further push Pakistan towards bankruptcy, which may trigger a Sri Lanka-like situation.

It was also discussed that if the government does not want to dissolve the Assemblies, then other bold and tough decisions will have to be taken to stabilise the country’s economy, which is currently on the verge of a total collapse. Coalition party heads stated that they would stand ground with Sharif and would support the government in withstanding tough and unpopular decisions with the interest of taking Pakistan out of its current economic woes.

The government and its allies have decided to take tough economic decisions and complete the constitutional term, said a Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz lawmaker, who was present at the meeting. It was also decided that the current coalition government should complete its constitutional term of one and a half years and not go into early elections.

The coalition government came to fix and stabilize the economy and the right thing to do is to give priority to the national interest over own political gains, said a Mutahidda Qaumi Movement-Pakistan leader. We will stand by the government in this regard. Meanwhile, the former Prime Minister has called for a march towards Islamabad after May 20 and has threatened to stage a sit-in protest in the capital until the incumbent government calls for early elections.