Ramarajan is back with Saamaniyan

Ramarajan, best known for his blockbuster film, ‘Karakattakaran’, considered a classic among romantic comedies, has returned to acting after a gap of almost 13 years.The actor, who turned politician and went on to serve as a Lok Sabha MP, is now playing one of the three leads in a film titled ‘Saamaniyan’, that is being directed by R. Rahesh.Director R. Rahesh said: “Saamaniyan has three leads. One is played by Ramarajan. The other two are played by Radha Ravi and M. S. Bhaskar. The film is about a question that all of us face regularly. However, we do not choose to react. We are angered by it only when we get personally affected. This film will address such an issue.”Disclosing that the actor will not have a heroine pairing with him in the film, the director said that all three male leads play characters that are looking to live a life that is free from disease, from debt and from enmity.Stating that he had always wanted to direct a film featuring actors Vijayakanth and Ramarajan, Rahesh discloses that Ramarajan chose his script from several others and gave it the nod.”It has been over 13 years since Ramarajan sir left films. During this period, over 50 scripts came his way. He has turned all of them down. For some reason, he liked my script and chose to do this film.”