Tiruvannamalai girivalam witness human sea

Devotees gathered in large numbers at Tiruvannamalai as part of annual Karthigai Deepam festival today. And the girivala padhai around Sri Arunachaleswarar temple overflows with people taking a walk chanting “Om Nama Shivaya”.
Anticipating heavy rush, the authorities have spruced up security measures. People are allowed to walk after a thorough check. Children are provided security bands carrying names and telephone numbers for easy identification if they are lost.
Several NGOs and spiritual organisations have set up annadhanams and free water distribution counters  all along the girivala path.
After almost three years with all Covid restrictions eased, people have come in large numbers to Tiruvannamalai. Hence we don’t want to take any chances, say officials. Masks are distributed and santizers too are provided,¬† they add.
Vehicular movement is restricted within the city and adequate parking facilities are provided at the entry to Tiruvannamalai, say authorities.