Kenya plans to evacuate 3,000 nationals in Sudan amid crisis

Kenya has announced plans to evacuate 3,000 of its nationals in Sudan amid the ongoing violent clashes that has killed 185 people so far. Roseline Njogu, principal secretary for State Department for Diaspora Affairs, told the media here that despite the closure of Sudan’s airspace, the country has constituted a multi-agency technical team that is monitoring the evolving situation on a real-time basis, reports Xinhua news agency. “We are assembling all the logistics required to evacuate our citizens once Sudan’s airspace is open and there is the ability to move people safely,” Njogu said. Clashes that erupted on April 15 have spread in many parts of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, and other areas outside the capital. Njogu observed that Kenya is committed to ensuring all its nationals are safely rescued and brought home if their lives are in danger or in the case of a humanitarian crisis. She also appealed to the warring parties to embrace peace and dialogue to resolve their differences.