5000 cops maintain vigil in Kovai for Modi’s visit

Coimbatore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheduled roadshow in Coimbatore ahead of the Lok Sabha polls has stirred both anticipation and controversy, as the city gears up for his visit amidst tight security measures.

Initially met with resistance from the Textile city police, citing concerns over ongoing exams, potential traffic disruptions, and sensitive areas, the roadshow faced hurdles. However, a plea filed by a BJP functionary prompted the Madras High Court to intervene, directing the Coimbatore police to ensure the event’s smooth execution.

As preparations intensify, Coimbatore finds itself under a formidable security blanket. A rehearsal convoy, mimicking Modi’s route, conducted trial runs from the Saibaba Temple junction to R.S. Puram, ensuring readiness for the main event.

With a substantial deployment of 5,000 police personnel from various districts, the city is poised to maintain order during the Prime Minister’s visit. Special Protection Group members will provide additional security throughout Modi’s journey, including the roadshow and his stay in Coimbatore.

Scheduled to touch down at Coimbatore airport at 5.35 p.m., Modi is expected to kickstart the roadshow promptly by 5.45 p.m., traversing the Mettupalayam Road before concluding at RS Puram by 6.50 p.m.

Political analysts view Modi’s roadshow as a strategic move by the BJP to solidify its presence in the Kongu region, known for its favorable vote base towards the party. This endeavor comes on the heels of the party’s success in the 2021 Assembly polls, where Vanathi Srinivasan, the Women’s Wing leader, secured victory in the Coimbatore South constituency, bolstering BJP’s representation in the Assembly.

Beyond the electoral ambitions, Modi’s visit underscores the party’s commitment to engage with constituents, particularly in regions where it seeks to strengthen its foothold. The subsequent election rally slated for Salem further underscores the BJP’s concerted efforts to mobilize support ahead of the polls.