Kabir Taneja speaks about his book on ISIS in South Asia

Posted on   2:12 pm

Kabir Taneja, a research Fellow at Observer Research Foundation’s Strategic Studies Programme, in his book, ‘The ISIS Peril: The World’s Most Feared Terror Group and its Shadow on South Asia’, brings an in-depth understanding of ‘the historical, cultural and political rise of ISIS in India’

Author of ‘The Cartiers’ talks about the art of writing history

Posted on   2:08 pm

What started as a search for champagne to celebrate the 90th birthday of her late grandfather, Jean-Jacques Cartier, Francesca ended up discovering a trunk full of letters which gave her a window of opportunity to peep into times of the Cartiers. But to write a history book, that too a family’s origin story, is no easy feat. How did Francesca do it?

‘The Cartiers’ explores origin story of world’s prestigious jewellery brand

Posted on   2:30 pm

The founding brothers – Louis, Pierre and Jacques of world’s prestigious jewellery brand, Cartier, are credited for transforming their father’s store in Paris into a global luxury icon. None would have heard about their dreams or struggles if it wasn’t for Jacques’ great-granddaughter, Francesca Cartier Brickell. In her book, ‘The Cartiers’, she writes about their lives.