Sun shines on lotus?

It is not known if the BJP atheist, but is quite possible considering that the party is now on a moral shedding spree. After UP anything is possible and the saffron brigade does not mince words when it keeps reminding the people of the nation the necessity to mix to principles and real politik. Of course it does not matter if the former gets diluted when the latter is mixed in heavy doses. So it is that the BJP has now decided to tend a favourable ear to the much tormented DMK, notwithstanding the latter being on the other end of the ideological spectrum. In real politik the end justifies the means. The DMK has 19 members in Parliament who could come in handy in case the single largest party opts to stake its claim to form a government. It is Ramrajya that is important, it does not matter if even Ravanas form a part of it, goes the specious logic. Fair enough.

The DMK’s keenness to attain the ‘lotus’ feet is quite understandable. Faced with a near-certain ouster from the UF, notwithstanding claims to the contrary, it has to atleast salvage its government in the State, especially with the jinxed January drawing closer. So what if the BJP is a theist party diametrically opposed to all their cherished ideals which formed the fundamentals of their (DMK) very origin? This is not the time to haggle on trivial issues such as Hindutva, Ayodya and so on. The infectious real politik dictates that it turn into a saintly tiger and knock at the doors of the Lord for sure vimochana.

In any case, if certain divine voices are to be believed, the nation, is in for a rare presentation which seeks to blend Ramayana and Keemayana.

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Jawahar T R