It’s now or never!

It would be wrong to say that the latest Islamic Invasion ‘08 (by sea, and not through the familiar Khyber pass) took Bharat by surprise. Rather, as skeletons keep tumbling out every day, it appears that there was a mountain of omens, warnings and specific information of the impending attack. But forget the routine red alerts that were routinely ignored. Here is the mother of all warnings: The US shifted its Consulate which was situated on the coast of Mumbai to the metro’s interiors after coming to know of a plot to attack it by sea. It had even shared this information with Indian authorities along with a warning that the Taj could be a target. A sensible US could secure itself even in distant India, but India can’t guard its own backyard from Islamic terrorists coming in with ample prior notice!

But if there were no dearth of warnings then why did not all that actionable intelligence turn into intelligent action? The most logical conclusion is that political will is missing! True, but should our netas be let off so lightly with as trivial a charge as negligence or incompetence? That would be missing their mischief totally. While they are criminally guilty of omissions, their crimes of commissions are on a higher lethal league. For, the political will was not absent but feverishly at work elsewhere! Indeed, by enabling and emboldening terror through conscious State action, treason has become official! Here’s how!

Who acknowledged Pakistan and India as members of the same victim club? Terror in Pak is like a bomb blowing up in a bomb-maker’s face. But our M Singh fell hook, line and sinker to that vintage Paki line. Having thus exonerated the enemy just a few months ago, what credibility will the world attach to our wails now? And even more criminally naive was the joint anti-terror mechanism initiated in 2006. Is it not an elementary panchatantra wisdom that if you dine with a predatory animal, you will eventually end up in its stomach as dessert? Another manifestation of India’s pro-active pacifism is the notion that a democratic Pakistan will be less of a demon. Our sibling has been under martial law for much of its 60-year life with democracy being brief aberrations. Benazir’s democratic regime saw the highest turmoil in Kashmir. Today, it is another ‘democrat’ Zardari who has vowed not to hand over the 20 criminals/terrorists conspicuously holed up in Pak and desperately wanted by India. To be praying for, much less promoting, democracy in Pakistan is an exercise that even Pakistanis deem a mirage! In fact, the next coup is due anytime there.

And then there are the peace talks with Pak that almost every Indian PM, from the past Pandit to the present Sardar, pursues for the sake of his own place in posterity as a peacenik. Such overtures could be pardoned if at least they pass off as a diplomatic cover to just keep the enemy engaged. In reality, peace with Pak has been more inimical than war. Every peace that had descended after wars with Pak has been to the detriment of India with it surrendering the fruits of victory. Again, peace talks invariably lead to the downing of our defences in the name of Confidence Building Measures, conceding Pak the much needed breathers. Really, the only institution that matters in the Pak establishment is the ISI and it has no particular passion for peace with India. But it does gell well with our own ISI — India’s Suicidal Instinct!

From Pak to PoK is a stone’s throw. To India, it is out of bounds, though touted as its territory. This enduring blot on our sovereignity is all the more painful because it is ‘our own land’ that is also the launching pad of the jihadi war against us. PoK is next only to those Quaida infested caves in Afghanistan as the breeding ground for jihadis. Almost all the terrorist organisations doing divine duty in India could be traced to this region. It is said that our security establishment knows to the last detail the locations and logistics of the terror apparatus in PoK. After the Mumbai blasts, which has also been traced to PoK, there is now a clamour for the recapture of PoK and the destruction of the terrorist bases there. This was eminently possible some years back but, alas, not that easy now. Thanks to our peace loving political pundits, and much against the saner counsel, of the defence establishment, India has almost completely dismantled its military capacity to strike PoK! This was meant as a confidence building initiative in one of those exalted sober moments. We all now know whose confidence stands boosted!

But the betrayal of Bharat by its political establishment finds its worst manifestation on the eastern front. The Cong dispensation in Assam had passed the Illegal Migrant (Determination by Tribunal) Act (IMDT Act) ostensibly to check infiltration of Bangladeshis into the State. But by putting the onus of proof of illegality on the Government instead of the migrant, the Act achieved the opposite. But we know that was the intent of the Cong too. In the event, illegal immigration of Bangla Muslims swelled and so did the ‘secular’ vote bank. A governor of Assam, S.K.Sinha had sent a report stating, among other things, ‘…the silent and invidious demographic invasion of Assam may result in the loss of geo-strategically vital districts of lower Assam. The influx of these illegal migrants is turning these districts into a Muslim majority region. It will then be only a matter of time when a demand for their merger with Bangladesh may be made’. The SC, taking note of this report, scrapped the IMDT act in 2005 and commented: ‘…the presence of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh which runs into millions is in fact aggression … it poses a threat to the security and integrity of North East besides causing serious internal disturbances …the Centre has not done its duty and has on the contrary, encouraged illegal migrants from Bangladesh.’.

Yet there is no respite till date with the Indian Government winking at the invading hordes. The illegal immigrants from Bangla now number over 3.5 crore and still counting, for, an average of 3 lakh are coming in every month. And it is no longer an Assam problem or even that of just the NE. In Delhi alone there are 15 lakh with several thousands spread all over the country. Again, even without the Bangla invasion, there are hundreds of villages in UP, Kerala etc where it is the Shariat and not the writ of the Indian law that runs. Now how many partitions are in the offing? Nay, it would be an implosion, for the ISI and jihadis are waiting with lighted matchsticks to ignite this huge stockpile of human explosives! In fact, the Bangla and local links in many attacks are already legion. But may be MSingh, who, incidentally walked into Rajya Sabha by ‘infiltrating’ Assam, does not want to lose sleep. What can you expect from a man who is reluctant to use the term ‘jihadi terror’ when the jihadis themselves are crying themselves hoarse to be heard about their motives and methods?

The war on Bharat is religious in nature. It is both external and internal, the latter being more potent. The intent is to Islamise infidel India. Maybe, only a few are at it, but that ‘few’ is growing, in size and strike potential. In any case, the ‘infidels’ can’t take chances, if experience and history are any guide. The latest episode offers one final opportunity. Indian public opinion and global sympathy are favourable. Pak is cornered and caught with Bharath’s blood on its hands. Our own hands may be a bit handicapped, but the iron is hot. Failure to strike now would pale all of the above official crimes of commission.

Is the nation game for a counter-Jihad? (Aah, how secular it sounds!) If so, this being Guru Peyarchchi, why not start with Afzal Guru?

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Jawahar T R