Robbery at knife-point: Maid held after fortnight

Chennai: A 36-year-old maid was arrested last night for chopping off a woman’s ear lobe to rob her ear ring near Porur.

Police sources said Nirmala, 52,a resident of Madanandapuram, was living alone on the ground floor of her house and rented out the first floor of the building.

On 18 July, the maid, Amudha, pretended to be accompanied by her husband, Dakshinamurthy. They visited the empty portion of the house. “When Nirmala went into her house to fetch water for them, Dakshinamurthy threatened her at a knife-point,” said police sources.

When she tried to raise an alarm, Dakshinamurthy cut off her ear lobe.

Immediately, neighbours rushed to the rescue of Nirmala and caught Dakshinamurthy.

Though Amudha managed to escape, a special team of police arrested her at Saidapet yesterday.

In her confessional statement, Amudha said she worked as maid at Dakshinamurthy’s residence. “She was told to accompany Dakshinamurthy to Nirmala’s house that day. She went into hiding after she came to know that he came for stealing valuables,” the police said.

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Nivedhika Krishnan