Whatsapp launches four-person group call feature

WhatsApp has launched a group video call feature for its popular chat app.

Android and iOS users are able to make four-person video or voice calls with contacts across the globe.

Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, brought a similar group video chat feature to its own Facebook Messenger service back in December 2016.

To start a group video call in WhatsApp, users will need to first launch a one-on-one call with a single contact. To do this, open the text conversation with the contact you want to video call and tap the camera icon at the top of the screen.

As soon as the call is established, users can add up to two more people using the button in the top right-hand corner of the interface. This brings up a screen where users can search for, or select another contact to add to the call. If prompted, tap the ‘Add’ button next to the name of the person.

The ability to make voice and video group calls is slowly rolling-out across the world, so don’t panic too much if the update hasn’t dropped on your device just yet.

WhatsApp first announced plans to introduce group voice and video calling at the Facebook F8 developer conference, held in San Jose, in May.

Group calls are end-to-end encrypted, just like messages, documents, photos, and videos transferred on the platform.

The ability to make video calls in WhatsApp was first launched in 2016.

According to the company, WhatsApp users worldwide collectively spend around two billion minutes a day making voice and video calls.

The new software granted group admins the power to block annoying people from sending messages inside group chats.

Those with the latest version of the chat app can flick a switch that means only other admins can send messages to a group, turning it into a simple message board for those without the necessary privileges to participate.

The feature is limited to a broad block for all group participants for the time being, meaning admins cannot take messaging priveleges from individual members.

This could help to limit the number of annoying messages you receive by culling the number of people who can contribute to a group chat.

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