200 more 108 ambulances soon, says Health Minister

Chennai: In a move that will reduce casualties in road accidents to a great extent in Tamilnadu, Health Minister Vijaya Bhaskar, today, said,”The number of government’s 108 emergency ambulances will be increased from the present 800 to 1,000.”

Speaking to reporters after participating in the first-day ceremony of freshers in Pudukkottai Government Medical College, the minister, said,”This effort will provide timely care and hospitalisation of accident victims and inturn will reduce deaths. It’s a part of government’s vision of providing free and better quality healthcare to the masses.”

This announcement is also a part of the 12 heart attack management clusters coming up in Tamilnadu to avoid delays in treating patients. Doctors and paramedics are being trained at each of these clusters to put in place a Standard Operating Protocol for management of heart attacks.

The emergency telephone number 108 is currently operational in 22 States including Tamilnadu and two union territories. It provides integrated medical and ambulance services.

When making the plan, you should be cautious of adding more services because the more browse around these guys the services being offered, the more likely that more equipment will be needed.

NT Bureau