Don’t spare anyone

By informing the Madras High Court that it had taken a policy decision to hand over all idol theft cases to the CBI, the Tamilnadu government has admitted that the racket of very serious nature requires a thorough probe by a national agency. The court was informed that the government’s decision to go for a CBI probe was taken considering the overall circumstances in which one arm of the government (the Idol Wing CID) was found to be trying to hurt another arm (the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department).

Earlier, the Opposition wanted to know whether the government was attempting to scuttle the probe by the Inspector General of Police Pon Manickavel, who heads the Idol Wing, when he was transferred from the post (he was, however, reinstated after the High Court quashed his transfer order). And now, by deciding to shift the case to the CBI, the State government has implicitly conveyed a message that it was not trying to hamper the probe and was even ready for CBI investigation.

Now that the central agency is set to take over the case, hopes are high among devotees and others who have respect for the land’s culture and tradition. All those involved in the heinous crime, no matter whatever position s/he holds, should be punished as per law. Because, idol theft is something that hurts the sentiments of millions and affects the heritage of Tamilnadu. And it cannot be taken lightly like a petty crime.

You may say that your goal is to sell 100 properties each year or to buy, reconstruct and sell 10 homes each year, etc.

NT Bureau