Folklore collection of sarees to hit Chennai soon

Saree is loved by everyone. And if it has unique patterns and different blending of colours, then it is a jackpot.

Meet Sunita Yogesh, a young fashion designer who is all set to launch her new collection – Folklore, tomorrow in Chennai.

Daughter of Jayasree Ravi, founder of Palam Silks, Sunita is a chartered accountant by profession, but has a huge passion for art. In an interview with ‘News Today’, this designer talks about her collection, people’s love for saree, her future plans and much more.

Q: Tell us about your designs.

A: This collection is basically celebrating folklore art. Tanjore, Madhubani and Worli art will hold a place in my collections. A lot of geometric patterns and a unique blend of colours can be seen.

Q: Why do people have an affinity for sarees?

A: Saree is the one clothing that pops up in everyone’s mind when it comes to traditional wear and everyone loves to wear it. Traditional patterns are getting more patrons among college students. So, keeping this in mind, my new collection is designed in order to attract the young and middle-aged women.

Q: What kind of a response are you expecting?

A: We (Palam Silks) are known for experimenting with new saree designs. This is our next bold move. We expect it be a successful one. The collection will have shades of blues, greens and peach. We have played a lot with colours.

Q: Has the artist in you helped in designing?

A: My interest in art has been the base for my creation. I have a knowledge of colours and how to experiment with them and this works wonders for my creation. In painting, the canvas is the medium, here the saree is. The process is same.

Q: What challenges did you face?

A: Designing a cloth on a computer is different from doing it physically. Weaving is an art and to bring out the best, designers and weavers have to get together and discuss. It is a long process and is challenging. However, I did not find it difficult because when you like what you do, your work becomes play.

Sunita Yogesh

Q: Your future plans..

A: I have started working on my next collection which will be launched in another six months.

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