Big Boss 2 Tamil: Dictatorship ends in a dunk

Aishwarya being pushed into the pool.

Chennai: The 3-day humiliating task, where contestant Aishwarya was asked to lead a dictatorship government in Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house came to an end yesterday, after ‘people’s revolution’ demanding a democratic country.

There was a general feeling that Bigg Boss season 2 had low viewership, compared to the first season. However, the last three days raised TRP to its peak.


The 45th day started with punishment for all the inmates. They were locked up in the prison – Aishwarya said it was only for 15 minutes but it extended for half-a-day. If anybody wanted to come out they have to be splashed with egg mixed water. Sendrayan was the first to come out for tea. When he bought tea for other inmates, he was punished for that too. He had to splash the jail inmates with the egg-water.

At the end of the punishment, the housemates pushed their way out of the prison.

A sobbing Aishwarya


Contestant Ponnambalam then pushed Aishwarya into the swimming pool. Coming out of the pool, she become almost hysterical and shouted at everyone. She sobbed and sobbed in the confession room. Then after Bigg Boss asked her to calm down, she seemed alright and Bigg Boss congratulated her for successfully completing the task.


Even three days after the horrible incident where contestant Aishwarya threw garbage on housemate Balaji, people continued to oppose her. ‘Aishwarya’s behaviour doesn’t seem like a task at all. It’s totally her personal grudge. There is a way to treat people and you are setting a bad example for those who are watching the show,’ says a regular viewer of Bigg Boss.


Chances are that actor and host of the show, Kamal Hassan, may use this chance to talk more about politics and indirectly hit the ruling party and government. However, people’s expectation for the weekend show, when Kamal appears, is high now.

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P T Usha