Review: Maniyaar Kudumbum – Lacks right flavour

Thambi Ramaiah returns as director after almost a decade with ‘Maniyaar Kudumbum’. The last film he directed was ‘Indralohathil Na Azhagappan’.

‘Maniyaar Kudumbum’ is set in a small village and is about a reputed family who once commanded huge respect from the villagers. Nadhagarsamy (Thambi Ramaiah)  heads a family of four. He is lazy and jobless and has high hopes on his son Kuttimani (played by his son Umapathy Ramaiah). Kuttimani is just like his father; jobless and has no actual aim in life.

He is in love with Maghizham Poo (Mridula Murali), a hardworking, beautiful young woman who lives in the same village. Nadhagarsamy knows about their love  and sets out to meet Magizham’s father with a few people from the village to get consent for the marriage.

But they get humiliated by Maghizham’s father (Jayaprakash) as he finds the father-son duo’s family worthless. An insulted Kuttimani vows that he will  achieve something big in life and marry Maghizham soon. He later starts a windmill project by convincing the villagers to contribute Rs 1 crore. But the gullible father-son duo gets conned when a driver steals the money, making them face the fury of the villagers. What follows next is how Kuttimani finds the money.

The film has a decent plot, but execution is a problem.

Umapathy makes a decent start as hero. He dances well and there are stunt scenes also for him. Thambi Ramaiah, as father, tries his best to evoke laughter with his antics. Mridula plays a typical Tamil heroine while Jayaprakash as an arrogant villager is good.

Samuthirakani plays a cameo. Music is by Thambi Ramaiah.

‘Maniyaar Kudumbum’ is family fare that lacks flavour.

Here is a snapshot of its table of content and you can download the guide from this page.

Mohammed Rayaan