Who will get evicted from Bigg Boss 2 Tamil house?

Chennai: The weekend show of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil will be telecast in less than 24 hours and people will know who will be evicted. Viewers look forward to this weekend’s episode owing to all the controversies the first part of the week saw.

Remember contestant Aishwarya’s dictatorship and arrogant behaviour? It is expected that show host Kamal Haasan may use this episode to talk politics in today’s show.

Ponnambalam pushing Aishwarya into the pool.


It has become usual for contestant Ponnambalam to be nominated. Joining him, contestants Rithvika, Balaji, Mumtaz and Shariq were also nominated for eviction.

Support for Ponnambalam is increasing by the day and this week also he is ‘expected’ to be ‘saved’.

People are also awaiting Kamal’s stand on the sensational episode when Aishwarya threw garbage on Balaji.


Amidst the tasks, yesterday, Vaishnavi was released from the secret room and she came back to the show. She was also given the task of ranking all the contestants according to their honesty in the show. Among them, she called contestant Daniel as the most honest person in the house and Shariq as the least honest.

Shariq Hassan


It is also notable that in yesterday’s show, Shariq Hassan was elected as captain.

Who will get evicted this week?

In case it is Shariq, who will be the next captain? Stay tuned for more updates.

P T Usha