Chennai karate master stresses on girls learning martial arts

Chennai: Hooooo haaaaa, shouted a five-year-old girl as this reporter stepped into the group in Mugalivakkam in the city.

Along with here were about 30 other children learning Karate from their master S Themothy (38).

He has been teaching children for the last 22 years in the locality.

He says, “Self-defence is very important irrespective of gender. But it is all the more important that girls learn.”


“My father is also a Karate master. He was the one who started teaching in Manapakkam in 1989. I also learnt Karate professionally and joined him. Today, my daughter is also a Karate master and an International gold medalist,” Themothy says with pride.

His training sessions takes place in a ground near Mugalivakkam park. Apart from this, Themothy also works with schools to train children.

He points, “Teaching Karate for children is not easy. They have to understand this art and then fall in love with it. Already schools are giving them enough burden, so this should not add to it.”

Apart from this, Themothy also teaches children about good and bad touch and tell them to report if anyone misbehaves with them.

“The feedback from parents is what boosts me up. Some may have health issues like wheezing and others may not be very social with people. Karate serves as the solution for all these problems,” says Themothy.


“The back to back rape cases and sexual molestation against children are really shocking. This make me push my child to learn self-defence. Children these days are obsessed with gadgets and they have no physical exercise. S\o learning Karate is a good option,” says a parent.

S Themothy can be reached at 9043774239.

P T Usha