Book on pranic healing released in Chennai

Chennai: A book entitled Arulaiyum Porulaiyum Tharum Arhatic Yogam, written by Ashok Nagar residents J Raj Mohan and M Harihara Mahadevan, was released at a function held in the city recently.

Raj Mohan is the centre head of Kodi Swami Yoga Centre and GMCKS Pranic Healing Centre functioning at 12th Avenue and Mahadevan is a HR consultant residing at 6th Avenue.

The book was released by Textan Chemicals managing director, Krishnamachari, and the first two copies were given to Citizen Guardians founder-chairman, V Ravichandran, and retired Corporation engineer, P Ramachandra Raju.

Krishnamachari spoke about the necessity for such books for modern society, where all the information is tapped by the fingers. He went on to say that if those fingers are used for self-healing practices as mentioned in the book, society can greatly benefit. He also said he is a practitioner of pranic healing.

Ravichandran explained about the curative benefits and the transformation of an individual through these practices.

The book describes in detail how a common man can attain spiritual as well as material benefits through the systematic and disciplined way of life, practising the proven methods of pranic healing, designed and developed by grandmaster Choa Kok Sui.

According to the authors, the book explains how common physical ailments and diseases like cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and relationship and financial problems can be cured.

The book contains information about pranic healing practices followed in 121 countries world over. It also describes in detail about the various meditations in Arhatic Yoga and the powerful meditation called ‘Twin hearts meditation’ that can be practised by a common man.

The book, published by Yaanam of Blackhole Publications, runs to 128 pages and is priced at Rs 130.

Raj Mohan can be reached at 98412 68886 and Harihara Mahadevan at 98413 56075.

Karthikeyan Halan