Chennaiites breed cows to procure organic products

Chennai: ‘Aavyukth’ meaning ‘crystal clear mind,’ was started by a couple in Adambakkam in the city.

Aavyukth provides pure gho varatti (dried cow dung cake), panchakavya (mixture of five products with medicinal properties), gho komiam (cow’s urine), dhoop sticks, dantmanjan (tooth powder), vibhooti and other organic fertilisers made out of cow dung and urine.

All the products are made from eight native, desi breed cows like Gyr, Sahiwal, Kankrej and Tharparker, which they hold in their house.

Their house with native breed cows, gives visitors a village like experience.

The couple who run the farm take good care of the cows, which in turn results in nutritious milk.

They also provide guidance for terrace gardening and help people in setting up gardens. For details, contact Manikandan at 72996 31590, 98414 17443.

Balamurugan Selvaraj