1,337 VIT graduates handed certificatesby university chancellor

Chennai: Education liberates humanity and plays a special role in shaping the future of India, said former Judge of the Madras High Court, Justice K Gnanaprakasam.

Participating at the annual convocation at VIT Chennai campus on Saturday, he said, “Students should learn to work in a team. Besides intelligence, companies also expect you to possess emotional intelligence. A good team player will become a good leader and will have the ability to become a successful entrepreneur.”

Gnanaprakasam handed over gold medals to 20 meritorious students for their academic excellence.

Wipro Technologies senior vice-president Raja Ukil addressing the gathering said, “At work you’ll realise that whatever you learned at school and college is irrelevant but it will come to use eventually later in your life.”

“You should learn several things as you go. You’ll have to deal with different types of people. Be a part of system that brings change,” he said.

Ukil said, “If you’re in the corporate world, you should remember that CGPA doesn’t matter but achieving success through team work matters a lot.”

He stressed the importance of networking with like-minded peers and sharing ideas and thoughts. “You may have good skills in coding or designing but only if you have the ability to articulate them, they will be of use,” he said.

VIT University chancellor G Vishwanathan said, “India is a growing nation. At VIT, we emphasize our students on entrepreneurship. We should offer jobs and opportunities and that’s how we can grow.”

Vishwanathan congratulated the graduates and praised the faculty for their dedication. “We aim to be ranked among the top 200 institutes in the world,’ he said and added that ‘It is difficult but not impossible. Our faculty are consistently working towards it.”

Vishwanathan handed over certificates to 1,337 graduates. VIT University Vice-Chancellor Anand A Samuel, Pro Vice-Chancellor N Sambandam, vice-presidents Sankar Vishwanathan, Sekar Vishwanathan and G V Selvam and assistant vice-president Kadambari S Vishwanathan participated.

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