Bigg Boss 2 Tamil: Is everything fine with contestant Mahat?

Contestant Mahat in action.

Reality show Bigg Boss 2 Tamil is nearing its final stages and it looks like the tasks are given in a such a way to test the psychological balance of the contestants.

After the eviction of Vaishnavi, the show went on with this week’s luxury budget task.

The contestants reported that Mahat was involved in physical violence. Already, in the last week’s task, Mahat pushed away fellow participant, Ritvika.

During yesterday’s task, housemate Daniel complained that Mahat had bit his hand.


Also, contestant Mahat has been degrading Mumtaz way too much for the past two weeks. We are all for being realistic in the show but just to reveal someone’s mistake, taking up ‘words’ as a weapon is not right.

In one scenario, while Mumtaz had a conversation with housemate Daniel, she said, “I have received huge respect from people of Tamilnadu. But, Mahat’s attitude towards me, in this kind of show, is heart-breaking,” which touched our hearts.

All social media which have separate slots for Bigg Boss 2 Tamil memes, continue to slay Mahat for his arrogant behaviour. At the same time, support for Mumtaz continues to rise.


In the prevailing chaos, another promo has been released that features Chennai 28-fame, Vijayalakshmi as the wild card contestant. Will her entry dilute the controversies? In real life, the actress seems to be a calm personality. Let’s wait and watch her game.

P T Usha